Central Texans who love baseball now have a reason to celebrate.

An organization called “Ventura Sports Group” is planning to build a new stadium in Bellmead near Holiday Inn.

The city will contribute $4 million towards this $15 million project. 
The rest will be picked up by the organization and a state grant they applied for. 

Mark Schuster, the organization’s president says the stadium will offer far more than just a good game. 

“Concerts, festivals, youth sports, corporate events – We don’t treat it as a baseball stadium, we treat it like a venue that hosts events.” 

He continues, “People come there for good food and beverage, to be around friends and family to be around safe environment.”
The construction is set to kick off this summer and the new stadium should stand here next March. 

Edward Powell – a baseball fan is excited about the new baseball stadium coming to Bellmead. 

“It’s the number one sport.” 

At the center will be the Waco Blue Cats — and the five other teams making up the Southwest League of Professional Baseball.

Powell says, “You feel safe coming down here and I wouldn’t hesitate to come down here for a game.” 

But as much as he loves baseball he always had to watch his wallet. 

“It is fantastic because it will bring affordability, major league baseball is just too expensive for a family to attend.”

Powell believes the new stadium will help boost the economy. 

“It’s gonna bring more tourists to Waco and Waco is just busting out really.” 

Just a few days ago, the voters approved an increase in the hotel venue tax to help the city pay for future needs for the stadium.