New Information about the arrests of 3 Volunteer Firefighters

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The arrest affidavits for three men facing Impersonating a Public Servant charges tell a story of late night visits and dangerous driving.

Bell County Deputies arrested John Burroughs, James Mercer, and Joshua Adkins, who are members of the Little River Academy Volunteer Fire Department.

According to the affidavits, a woman called authorities June 5th, saying three men in a vehicle with blue and red flashing lights boxed her in at the intersection of Spur 93 and FM 93. One of the men had a gun.

The woman, whom we are not naming, told investigators two of the same men came to her home at the start of May. She says the men identified themselves as law enforcement and said they tried to serve her husband with a citation.

After reviewing the recording, investigators recovered a camera from one of the vehicles involved in the June 5th incident. They say video from the camera shows Mercer and Burroughs driving behind the victim’s vehicle. They say the video also shows Adkins get out of the vehicle and holster a handgun while the three men approached the victim’s car.

All three men are out of the Bell County Jail. For more information, you can view our previous story here.

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