BELL COUNTY, Texas – Cedric Marks, the man accused of luring two people to a Bell County apartment and then killing them, appeared in court on Thursday.

Marks’s lawyers had a very long list of pretrial motions – one of which pretained to all DNA and physical evidence being sent for an independent analysis in Waco.

The judge approved this motion, along with another stating Marks can wear street clothes during the trial. One of his lawyers claimed prison clothes make him look “guilty.”

Marks is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Jenna Scott, and her friend Michael Swearingin.

Prosecutors say he and Maya Maxwell dumped their bodies in Oklahoma before heading north to Michigan, where authorities eventually arrested him.

Marks remains in custody on a $1.7 million bond and has pleaded not guilty to the capital murder charges.

Maxwell, who gave birth to her and Marks’s child earlier this year, also faces a capital murder charge.

Another pretrial date for Marks is set for January.