Oil and gas engineer shares concerns for Texas electricity bills


WACO, Texas – Oil and gas engineer Chrysta Castañeda shared her concerns with Texas after the winter storm – especially after the Brazos Electric Power Cooperative filed for bankruptcy.

“We got to ensure the reliability of our electric grid for all Texans. Texans died. Texans have suffered massive property damage. Some Texans still don’t have water to drink. This can’t happen again. We got to fix it,” Castañeda says.

Castañeda says the state of Texas is still trying to figure out what to do about the high electricity bill some people received a result of the grid failure.

“Electric ratepayers who are under long term contracts with a fixed price are less likely to see those crazy bills that we heard about that got sent to people who were on the whole sale pricing mechanism,” says Castañeda.

For those who did receive a high bill, and are wondering what should they do, Castañeda has an answer for this.

“Number one thing I will tell people to do, if you can do it and your contract allows it, make sure you turn off your auto-pay so that you’re not immediately having that money go out of your account. Let things settle, and try to get things right. But be on top of it.”

As for the Brazos Electric Power Cooperative bankruptcy:

“I do think that there will be long term effects. I think there’s going to have to be a reset of how we operate our electric grids, so that people can know that our electric grid is reliable,” says Castañeda.

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