WACO, Texas – As people heard the news about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, several people ran to the nearest gas station to fill up their cars in fear of a gas shortage.

“They try to put a limit on it, but people coming back with their different cars, people don’t know who they are, different clothes. So yeah, definitely a lot of people trying to get a lotta gas right now,” says Waco resident Dkamyan Monroe.

Several posts on social media show people storing gasoline in an unsafe manner. U.S consumer Product tweeted on Wednesday to not fill plastic bags with gasoline.

“I guess for me, the situation, I just try to get what I need. I don’t try to overstock just because I feel like everybody needs a little bit. There’s no need for me to overstock. If anything happens, I’ll be fine,” says Waco resident Alex Alvarado.

Gas and oil expert Chrysta Castañeda assures people there is no need for panic buying.

“The Colonian pipeline that got hacked delivers product from our area to the east coast. It’s not a problem for Texas, and we should have plenty of supplies. So people shouldn’t panic,” Castañeda says.

Alvarado says he doesn’t worry about the gas shortage, but is concerned if people start hoarding gas.

“I remember with the people, with the toilet paper when COVID hit and all that stuff, and now you look at the shelves, and now the toilet paper is still in stock, but the gas has gone up,” says Alvarado.

The national gas prices have jumped six cents this week alone, and AAA forecasts the price of gas to climb in response to the pipeline shutdown.

“I kind of drove around for 30 minutes just kind of looking around to see what’s the cheapest. I’m in college, so it kind of does matter for me,” says Alvarado.

Colonial Pipeline issued a statement Wednesday saying they have resumed back to operations after the cyberattack.

“And in Texas, in particular, we should just be fine,” says Castañeda.