WACO, Texas – December 14th marks an important day. One year has passed since the FDA approved the use of the COVID-19 vaccine to protect the community from the Corona Virus.

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District received its first shipment on December 23rd and began vaccinating first responders.

“Over 100,000 doses have been administered in McLennan County. Not only by us as a health district, but by our vaccine partners, physicians offices, pharmacies, other providers all offering the vaccine to help our communities,” says Waco-McLennan County Public Health District spokesperson, Kelly Craine.

Looking back when the FDA first approved the vaccines, McLennan County and other counties had some obstacles.

“Those first few months were very difficult because we had a limited supply. If you look at today, we have plenty of vaccines,” says Craine.

With the help of many partnerships, 51% of McLennan County residents ages five and up are fully vaccinated.

“Now we have mobile clinics, so we’ll come to you. We’ll come to different areas in the county and we’ve worked with all of the independent school districts to offer vaccines within their school district at the schools,” says Craine.

Kelly Craine with the McLennan County Public Health District says they have seen an increase of demand for vaccines after hearing the news about the Delta and Omicron variant.

“And during that time, people were realizing, oh, well, this is important now I’m seeing more and more people get sick, and so we actually had a lot of people decide I need the vaccine,” says Craine.

The Health District offers the Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines, Monday through Friday at the main clinic (225 W. Waco Dr.) and at mobile clinics throughout McLennan County. 

You can find the schedule at www.covidwaco.com/