Operation: Dumpster Drop aims to clean up Temple neighborhoods


TEMPLE, Texas – The City of Temple is encouraging their residents to come together and clean up their neighborhoods, and they are even providing the dumpster.

They’re calling the movement “Operation: Dumpster Drop.”

“Every couple weeks, the city will drop off a large, roll-off dumpster in a different neighborhood to give residents an opportunity to clean up their neighborhood and dispose of any bulk trash, tires, anything like that they may have,” Temple city spokesman Cody Weems said.

Bobby Brinzo has been living in Temple nearly his whole life, and picks up any trash he sees on the side of the road. He says the littering problem has gotten much worse the last few years.

“I’m thinking, ‘How does this trash get like that?’ I think sometimes it might be that the dumpsters might be over full, and the wind blows it,” Brinzo said. “It is a concern for me very much, because I live here.”

The next dumpster drop will be at the intersection of South 10th Street and East Avenue G. The city is hoping people will get excited to clean up their own neighborhoods, and this will become contagious.

“When everybody is out cleaning up their neighborhood, putting stuff in the dumpster, it starts to build conversations. It starts to build a sense of community,” Weems said. “We’re just hoping that starts in these individual neighborhoods and bleeds out through the entire city.”

While the community has taken well to the project, the littering might not stop without a collective attitude change.

“There’s got to be people throwing the trash away, they just throw it out [into the street,]” Brinzo said. “I’m picking up a lot of things that I know could be thrown away. It’s about getting them to somehow start caring more to not do that.”

You can learn more about when and where the dumpsters will be dropping here.

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