Organization calling for renewable energy in Waco


“Make Waco Go Green” is the cry from a local environmental group who wants 100 percent renewable energy for the city. 

The group is called Waco Friends of Peace-Climate, who says the January board meeting was an outrage and that they needed everyone at Thursday’s meeting to demonstrate that this issue of renewable energy is a top priority.

“We cannot continue to use fossil fuels indefinitely,” said Dr. Alan Northcutt, the man leading this effort. 
He showed council members how our local climates have changed because of the lack of renewable and sustainable energy in a resolution presented to them today.

“We have a campaign that’s been ongoing, almost 2 years called ‘Go Renewable Waco’, and our goal was for the city of waco to make a pledge to go 100% renewable,” said Northcutt.

He says nothing is being done at the federal level for now and thats why over 100 cities and regions are picking up the slack.  

“And it’s part of the overall movement of cities to pledge to go renewable to cut the greenhouse gas emissions, ” said Northcutt.

But there were some who opposed, saying getting rid of fossil fuels is the wrong move and that 100% renewable energy can’t be achieved.

“I don’t care how many they had, I’m saying bring your science to these people. I’ll still give you two thousand dollars for real science, real science that proves,” said Jim Cantrell of Axtell. Cantrell says, going 100 % renewable can’t happen because he doesn’t believe fossil fuels are causing climate change.

“I’m not opposed to using renewables. But there is no scientific way that we will get to 100% renewable’s. I told him there are 30,000 scientists who say fossil fuels have nothing to do with climate change or global warming,” said Cantrell.

“Basically he’s wrong. the climate science research literature, if you packed it it would be hired in this building. ” He also says six cities are already running on 100 % renewables and that we can too.
In the end, city council members did approve to discuss some of the bullet points in the resolution,
saying its a step in the right direction. No word yet on when the next scheduled meeting will be.

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