WACO, Texas – A local apartment complex is facing backlash after telling residents they need to move out after signing a new lease.

A viewer reached out to FOX 44 News after they and their roommates were told they had to leave because someone else was moving in.

“My leasing manager is very….knows about this a lot,” an Outpost Apartments employee said. “You’re not the only person this has happened to, but he can try to do something about it.”

This was a phone call recorded on Monday between an Outpost tenant and one of the office workers.

Their previous lease expired on July 31 – and after requesting the information, they received an email stating they had until the end of the month to sign a new lease.

However, to their surprise, maintenance knocked on their door on August 1 to begin preparing the apartment for new tenants.

“We’ve actually sent multiple emails throughout the year regarding resigning,” an Outpost employee said.

The office worker then expressed concern as the tenant had only been living at the Outpost for a short time. And apparently, this was not the first case of tenants being asked to leave after re-signing a new lease.

“That’s why the old management never renewed her lease,” an Outpost employee said. “So that’s the problem we’re running into right now.”

After speaking with the office, the tenant checked their resident portal and noticed they could not make any maintenance requests due to being deemed “moved out”, and neither of their leases were showing.

FOX 44 News reached back out to the office, but was told by a different employee that neither the office nor the leasing manager could answer our questions, and we would have to contact corporate. We called them, but could not get through to an employee.