Over $5,000 stolen from local coin shop, family seeks justice


WOODWAY, Texas – A local coin shop owner is offering a hefty reward for information leading to the arrest of a man he says stole over $5,000 from his store.

The Pack family has owned Reliable Coins in Woodway for nearly ten years. They say they love their customers and have received so much support throughout the years – this is why they are in disbelief that somebody walked into their coin shop on Wednesday and deliberately scammed them out of $5,500.

“We really felt for this guy. We were trying to take care (of him). We even paid him more than we were going to pay him in the first place, just to take care of him,” said Shane Pack, Co-Owner of Reliable Coins.

But it’s the manner of the way they say the suspect did it – this makes the business owners believe this isn’t the suspects first rodeo.

“He presented us three gold chains that were very nice. They all tested out. They weighed what the receipt said. He did bring in a receipt,” said Pack.

The owners offered $4,500 for all three gold chains. The suspect took the chains back, refused their offer and asked for more money before doing a maneuver caught on camera.

“What he did is he dropped it inside, and then reached in his back pocket and pulled the fakes out, and he was holding them in his hand while we were negotiating, and really, really slick about it. We negotiated price on $5,500, paid him cash, he walked out the door,” said Pack.

With a quick switch of chains, the suspect kept the real ones and gave the business owners the fake ones while taking off with $5,500.

“For someone to put on a front like that and to just take money from somebody is really disappointing,” said Pack.

Now, the shop is offering $3,000 for anyone with information about the guy, and have a message for him.

“Just bring back the chains. I mean, the money is gone. I think that would be the right thing to do and then hopefully move on and learn from his lesson,” said Pack.

They are also warning other businesses to keep an eye out.

“Someone who is that good at what he does often has other ways of scamming other than just switching out some jewelry. Just be very, very cautious,” said Pack.

The family tells FOX44 it’s going to take a while for them to make up what they lost this week.

The Woodway Police Department is investigating. If you recognize the suspect or have any information, call police.

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