McLennan County deputies have announced the arrest of more than 70 men in their latest prostitution sting.
They say this is the most they have ever caught during a sting like this.
When comparing these numbers with other areas, McLennan County came in fifth in the nation – with 71 arrests. 
This means our Sheriff’s Department arrested more people than cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Las Vegas. 
Here’s a look at the men arrested during the month of July. 
These men are between the ages of 19 and 63 years old. At least three are Baylor students. 
This was during a month long “National John Suppression” sting.
Sheriff Parnell McNamara says a lot of these men are not from Central Texas. Many were traveling through and got caught. Some came from as far as Dallas and Houston. 
The sheriff has a message for anyone out there thinking they can continue to get away with these type of acts. 
“We are going to be targeting child molesters. We are going to be targeting people who want to get hooked up and have sex with underaged kids, and also the Johns that are the sex buyers that are creating the demand,” McNamara said.
A lot of these guys were picked up thinking they were meeting a woman at a hotel.
The Sheriff’s Department says during this sting, in just one day, they arrested ten men within four hours.