WACO, Texas – Pack of Hope sends food home to over 700 McLennan County students every weekend during the school year.

“Those kids are counting on us and the community to bring them around and keep them in school,” says co-founder Jane Bounds.

According to Pack of Hope, one in every four youth are food insecure in Texas.

“There’s a lot of children. It just kind of popped up. There’s a lot of children that needed us,” Bounds said.

They say in McLennan County, these kids primarily receive their food from school lunches and breakfasts.

Jane Bounds started Pack of Hope with a friend in 2000. At first, they served eight school districts – now they serve all 17 in the county.

“We hope the children learn, and know that people care for them,” Bounds said. “And also, it draws the community together, working together to do this.”

She says about 66 hours go by from school lunch on Friday until breakfast on Monday morning – and they fill this gap.

$250 can provide one child with weekend food for the entire school year.

They will have a fundraiser during lunch at Dubl-R Burgers on October 23. A portion of those proceeds will go to Pack of Hope.

Jenna Vain volunteers every Wednesday morning, and says it is encouraging to see all the volunteers who give their time to the community.

“It’s just a great way to start your day, giving back to the community. And there’s a great need for it in Waco, because a lot of populations identify as food insecure,” Vain said. “So this is a great way to give back to the community.”