Painting the town! Waco residents help paint the new pedestrian plaza


WACO, Texas – Downtown Waco just got brighter! You can now walk from the Silos District to downtown in the new colorful pedestrian walkway.

The Downtown Waco Public Improvement District is taking part of a two-month project to help attract more people to the downtown area.

“The main goal is to bring more people downtown this summer. The second is to help them find public free parking once they get down here, and the third goal is just to circulate through downtown,” says Wendy Gragg, the Communications Director with City Center Waco.

When folks heard the news about the community event, they eagerly grabbed a paint roller and got to work.

“Anything involving art, you know what I mean? And the beautification of our city and the promotion of that is definitely something I like to be involved in,” says Waco resident Sitina Gutierrez.

No job is too big. They even got a little helper to roll out some paint.

“I’m painting with my mom and dad,” says Callahan Vitarius.

Waco residents are excited to see the finished project.

“Being in Waco for so long, telling people who are not from Waco all the fun stuff to do around here, so this is going to be another thing I’m adding to my list,” says Waco resident Faith Carpenter.

The pedestrian plaza will be located on 7th Street – between Austin Avenue and the alley to the south.

“Parts of it is finished now, 6th Street, we created a four-block pedestrian walkway between the Silos and Austin Avenue, so that is done and open,” says Ryan Short.

The colorful pedestrian walkway starts up in the Silos District, and leads you down to the new pedestrian plaza. There will be chairs and tables added for people to sit and enjoy what the downtown area has to offer.

The project kickoff and Opening Night of 7th Street will be on Friday, June 25, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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