Parents express their concern for Spring Break during the pandemic


WACO, Texas – This time last year, students went on Spring Break and never returned to school due to COVID-19. With Spring Break here again, parents express their concerns.

Camila Vintimilla-Caster is a mother of two who says although we are in the middle of a pandemic, Spring Break is still important.

“I do think it’s important for kids to still have a Spring Break. I think it’s the parents’ responsibility to be safe during that time. But I do think kids need a mental break. It’s been a hard year, whether you are virtual or at school,” Vintimilla- Caster said.

Christian Hargers is a mother of one who worries Spring Break will put students at risk – especially if they travel.

“It’s really scary of what might happen and take place during Spring Break week,” Hargers said. Once the schools open back up and children go back, they might be exposed to COVID, and it might be more COVID cases.”

Joshua Wucher is the Executive Director for Communications at Waco ISD, who says students should enjoy Spring Break – but also remember to follow CDC guidelines.

“We want our students to be able to relax and enjoy some time with their friends and family – socially distanced, of course,” Wucher said.

Wucher says there will be COVID testing opportunities after the break, but it’s not mandatory.

“We do expect to have testing opportunities for students and staff before they come back from Spring Break,” Wucher said. “We are going to be sharing information with employees and families next week about that.”

Although Gov. Greg Abbott made the decision to remove the mask mandate effective next week, Waco ISD is not changing their COVID- 19 protocols.

“Mask, frequent hand washing, and sanitizing. Encouraging social distancing when possible. Screening of staff and students daily,” Wucher said.

While Hargers and Vintimilla-Caster disagree with Abbott’s decision, they appreciate how their childrens’ school have been operating during the pandemic.

“My son’s school has done a really good job as best as they can throughout all of this,” Vintimilla- Caster said.

“They have been doing tremendous. Like, a great job with following the safety measures up until this point,” Hargers said.

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