Marlin (FOX 44/KWKT) —”This is a catastrophic failure of leadership and accountability,” says one parent of a Marlin high school senior.

Marlin ISD says graduation was postponed to allow students to meet the necessary attendance and grade requirements to graduate. A message some parents wished they knew sooner.

“How many of ya’ll got a letter on April 17th saying that your babies were on track and then come thursday… told our babies can’t graduate,” one parent says.

Over the last three days, school officials have been conducting audits–something Dr. Henson says are only state guidelines.

“No pressure that you can put on us through social media or the actual media is going to have us bypass the guidelines of the state,” Henson says.

He adds the students have been given many opportunities to make up work.

“Throughout the year, as you heard, opportunities have been given. Students had been notified,” he says.

Although some parents say otherwise.

“I did not receive an email from the school. I didn’t receive a phone call and I did not receive a letter, a formal letter,” says another parent.

Since the announcement, students have been doing makeup work –now, 17 out of 38 are eligible to walk. One thing the community and the school staff were able to agree on, is having a stronger relationship with each other.

“At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be a partnership. There’s a school-community compact,” says one parent.