WACO, Texas (Fox 44) — The Party on the Brazos was in full swing today, with boat racing, a silent auction, and so much more.

“Hey we’re having a great time,” Racer Marty Logan said.

This is a part of the full summer schedule, held by the Southern Drag Boat Association.

Drivers will fly down the river in hopes of making it to the SDBA Nationals, but Logan says he loves racing for the fans.

“Our favorite part of being a drag boat race is making the fans happy and making them smile.”

The party does not stop tonight though. Racers will be back out on the water tomorrow to continue the competition and hope that spectators will come out, even with the high temperatures.

“Be sure to all the fans come out tomorrow,” he said. “Bring your kids, bring them in the pit. We’ll put them in the boats. Bring your cameras. We’ll take pictures. We’ll sign autographs.”

For more information about tomorrow’s events, click here.