FORT HOOD, Texas — FOX 44 News was on Cooper Field today for the weekly patch ceremony held by the new Pegasus Integration Troop of the First Cavalry Division.

The troop helps new soldiers integrate to the way of life on Fort Hood.

Today’s ceremony began with a speech from the First Cavalry Division Deputy Commanding General, Brigade General Monte Rone.

The ceremony brings the new soldiers into First Cav, and their units, but Pegasus Troop does so much more than just help the soldiers get to where they’re going.

“Soldiers were arriving to their units without housing or having financial issues,” Captain John Dufresne said, the Company Commander for Pegasus Integration Troop. “They didn’t have child family care, so we the troop was initiated to take care of those issues, as well as build esprit de corps in the unit and learn about the first cavalry history and traditions that we have.”

Incoming soldiers are welcomed at the Killeen airport by the Pegasus Troop cadre and then begin in-processing. After which, they are with Pegasus Troop throughout the first week to make sure they have everything in order.

“They’ve been able to provide resources, everything from financial services to make sure that everybody’s getting the requisite pay, as well as compensation for moving allowances,” incoming Captain John Andon said. “To the chaplain who came in not only providing spiritual support, but also resources. Everything from MWR, morale, welfare and recreation, making sure that everybody knows where everything is.”

Once they’re time with Pegasus Troop is finished, they are patched by their new command teams to become a part of their units.

Those coming from different army installations say this is something specific to First Cavalry and Fort Hood.

“My previous unit when I arrived, it was in a different time and a different place in the army, it was 2016, my unit was deployed like they are now,” Captain Andon said. “I was with the first infantry division at Fort Riley, still was an outstanding experience. However, this is unique here with the First Cavalry division.”

Now thatthe soldiers have been patched, they are ready to head out to their units and become a part of those teams.