Pit bull mauls puppy to death


College Station police say a pit bull mauled a puppy to death Saturday around noon at the University Park Dog Park at 300 Park Rd.

Officers met with several people at the park and learned that a large pit bull mixed dog, running loose in the fenced area, had attacked a puppy.

The owners of the puppy tried to stop the attack and one of them was bitten in the process. 

Others in the park also tried to assist in saving the puppy, but the pit bull continued the attack and also attempted to bite those assisting. 

One of those assisting, a licensed to carry permit holder, then shot and killed the pit bull with several shots from a handgun. 

The puppy was taken to a local veterinary hospital but it did not survive. 

The injury to the owner of the puppy was not incapacitating. 

This case remains under investigation by College Station Animal Control Officers and the College Station Police Department.

No word on where the pit bull’s owner was or even if they were present. 

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