The arrest affidavit for Cedric Marks released Tuesday morning claims that Maya Maxwell told police that she was present when Marks killed Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin.

“A lot of emotions, it’s pretty distressful to read something like that about your own child that was killed and Michael too,” said Jonathan Scott, Jenna Scott’s father.

The affidavit says it happened on January 3rd at a home in Killeen.  She told police that the two were brought to the home and placed in separate rooms.  Maxwell reportedly told police that when Marks went into each room, she heard a struggle.  When Marks came back out of the rooms, Maxwell says Swearingin and Scott were dead.

“It’s difficult to understand and comprehend the level of violence and hate that would compell a person to do something like this,” said Scott.

Muskegon Police arrested Mawell in January and she returned to Bell County on January 25th. She is accused of driving Swearingin’s car to Austin and leaving it there to confuse law enforcement.

A judge set the bond for Cedric Marks at a total of $1,766,500.  That includes $250,000 for the burglary charge and $1,250,000 for the Capital Murder charge. 

“Cedric Marks is a very articulate man, intelligent but also very dangerous obviously,” said Scott.

Marks is in Bell County custody after escaping from a private prisoner transport van Sunday morning just after 7am in Conroe, just north of Houston.  Marks was booked into the Bell County Jail at 11:07pm Sunday night on several charges, including Capital Murder of Multiple Persons.

“We are thankful for all that law enforcement has done,” said Deborah Harrison, Michael Swearingin’s mother.

Police say he was found hiding in a 55 gallon trash can behind a house in the 1000 block of Windswift around 4:30pm in Conroe. Officers say he gave up peacefully.

During a press conference Sunday afternoon, Montgomery County Deputies said Cedric Marks escaped custody Sunday morning during a stop at McDonald’s.  Texas Prisoners Transport Service called Conroe Police at 7:20am, saying Marks got away from them in the 800 block of North Loop 336 West. 

Deputies warned people who lived in the area to stay in doors because he is considered dangerous.  Marks is accused of burglarizing the home of murder victim Jenna Scott and was being transported from Kent County Michigan back to Bell County.

Police in Minnesota consider him a person of interest in the disappearance of April Pease, a former girlfriend and mother of one of his children. 

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