Police searching for BB gun vandals in North Waco


Waco police are on the hunt for vandals responsible for shooting out several car windows over with a BB gun over the weekend.

Since late Friday night, police have been working on at least 35 cases and keeping glass repair centers busy.

They believe there could be more unreported cases out there and since then, no one has been able to provide suspect information. 

“I’ve got several calls over the weekend and I knew it was going to be a rough Monday morning when I showed up,” Freddy’s Glass co-owner Rodney Duran said.

At Freddy’s Glass, installers were on their toes cleaning up the mess vandals left behind.

“They’re hitting more than one glass. So it’s like they’re sitting there and just target practicing,” Duran said. “More than one door glass, back glass and a couple of other glasses.”

Duran says they worked on about 15 cars with windows shattered from what looks like a pellet gun.

Police say the reports come from areas around 15th to 25th streets to Cumberland Ave and Waco Drive.

“We are looking for anything. Suspicious vehicles, persons wandering. Those kind of incidents can help us solve a bunch of these.” Sgt. Patrick Swanton says they don’t believe the houses were targeted, only the neighborhood. 

“What we’re asking our community and our citizens is as always, watch out for each other and if somebody saw something, please reach out to us and let us know,” Swanton said. 

“There’s people out there that are just being mean and they need to think about families that are trying to get ahead or doing something special for themselves,” Duran said. “So please, think about other people.”

Depending on the amount of vehicles damaged, the suspects could could face either a misdemeanor or a felony charge.

Police are asking citizens who may have information about these cases, or who may have witnessed the vandals or seen vehicles involved to contact detectives at 254-750-7500,

Citizens who have been victims who have not made a police report are urged to do so. 

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