Political parties react to midterm election results


The midterm election results have been counted with both parties in McLennan County swapping some seats. Now each side s turning their eyes toward 2020.

The midterm results show McLennan County is still a Republican County.

Out of more than 44,000 straight party votes, more than 28,000 thousand were Republican and 15,000 were Democratic. 

“I feel like we did everything that we needed to do, as football coaches will tell us Saturday morning, we left everything out on the field.” says Mary Duty, McLennan County Democratic Party Chairman. 

Duty says she is disappointed about the results, but she thinks they are making progress in terms of organizing the Democratic Party in McLennan County.

“We got out and did the work of meeting people, walking blocks, making phone calls, doing stuff that would take to get the vote out,” Duty says.

But one person out of the Democratic Party did make history last night.

“We had victories last night. Patrica Miller is our first African-American woman county commissioner,” Duty says. “And she’s going to bring a whole new perspective to the Commissioners’s Court.”

Republican Chairman for McLennan County Jon Ker is very pleased with the results.

“The governor, the lieutenant governor, the attorney general, all those state offices. We did quite well in the Republicans,” Ker explains. “The race with Senator Cruz and Representative O’Rourke was little touch-n-go for awhile, but once Cruz came through I felt real good.”

Ker thinks Texas will never become a blue state.

“Our Texas values align with those of President Trump, especially as it deals with getting the economy moving, putting people to work, getting people off of welfare, and giving people the opportunity, all people, the opportunity to exercise their God-given right to get out there and make something of themselves,” Ker explains.

Both parties said they are already planning and discussing what needs to be done for the 2020 election.

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