In a story brought to you earlier this week, homeowners suffered damage following a power surge in Copperas Cove. And Oncor is initially denying responsibility.

FOX 44 spoke with the families affected, and after the electric company saw our report – homeowners were told Oncor will reimburse their appliances. 

“The guy in Killeen said he didn’t know anything about the claim until the news aired,” says J.W. Alvarado.

On Wednesday, J.W. and Sarah Alvarado came to FOX 44 News after their electricity provider Oncor wouldn’t respond to their messages, after they say a power surge knocked out their electricity and fried their household appliances.

On Wednesday, J.W. said, “I think its unprofessional for Oncor not to call us back.”

“Our microwave, our oven and the dishwasher just never came back on,” said Sarah.

But after a month of calls and emails, the Alvarado’s are getting what they’ve been asking for. Oncor is now helping them and the three other families affected by the power surge.

J.W. says, “It feels good that they actually contacted me back and let me know they were going to do something about it.”

Oncor called all the families on Friday morning to give them the good news.

“Early this morning, I got a call form a claims adjuster saying that he was going to come out and look at the damages and go ahead and reimburse us for all the damages. The math I’ve done on it is about $1,300 dollars,” J.W. says.

FOX 44 spoke with Oncor, who didn’t want to talk to us on camera, but they say they are doing everything they can to make it right.

J.W. says, “He apologized several times about how he should have called and let us know he was actually working on the claim.”

A claims adjuster is scheduled to be there on Monday to assess their damages and give them the reimbursals.