A local real estate agent has been arrested on charges he got an elderly man who was blind and suffering from dementia to sell the mineral rights to his land for ten-dollars through deception.

Jody Glenn Scoggins was arrested Thursday and booked into the McLennan County Jail on charges of exploitation of the elderly and securing the execution of documents by deception.

Bond on the two charges was set at $200,000

In court documents filed in support of the arrest warrant, the investigating officer says the 31-year-old Scoggins had befriended the victim who lived in a nursing home and even had the man’s mail forwarded to his work address.

Court papers say that the victim was an heir to mineral rights in Hood County that had been passed down through his family.

An arrest affidavit says that on September 27, 2016 Scoggins along with a notary public went to the nursing home and had the victim sign a mineral warranty deed granting Scoggins’ wife all interest in all of the oil and gas that might be produced from the original warrant deed for the sum of ten dollars.

The paper work says the victim was not able to see well enough to read the paperwork and it was not read to him word for word, but only explained..

Court papers say the mineral rights were valued between $85,968 and $143,280. 

Court papers in the case also say that during an interview with police, Scoggins told the officer he knew the victim could not see well because of cataracts and that he  did not know that the victim suffered from dementia.

The arrest affidavit said that during an interview, the victim said he would never sign his mineral rights over because they have been passed down through his family and were his main source of income.

In another action, court dockets indicate a suit has been filed in 414th District Court by the victim and his wife naming as defendants Scoggins and other members of his family, the real estate company and four other businesses owned by various family members and other partners.

The lawsuit alleges Scoggins blocked the victim’s wife’s phone number from the victims phone and told him that his wife had stopped calling him, that he was alone and needed Scoggins to help him with all his business.

The suit claims Scoggins obtained a power of attorney fraudulently and began withdrawing money from accounts.

The suit paperwork claims that in one month alone, over $22,000 was taken from the victim’s account.

Mortgage payment notices were withheld and payments not made until  with the suit claiming Scoggins ended up buying the house with the victim’s own money with the victim’s wife saying proceedings were begun to evict her from her home.

Plaintiffs in the suit are seeking actual damages, punitive damages, title to the family home and attorney fees.