CENTRAL TEXAS – Fitness and helping you reach their goals, that’s what one Central Texas woman is all about. Those who know Isabella Barcells call her, a lover of our community.

“It doesn’t feel like work, it’s something I just love (laughs),” said Barcells.

Each day, Barcells works to help others.

“I’m in school full time here, and I also have a job on campus here, so my time is very limited,” she said.

Aside from working on her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at UMHB, “Izzie” has around five clients who depend on her to help them reach their desired health goals.

“I pretty much want to have my own clinic so that I can help combine these ideas of fitness, medicine, but then this sole component. Which is very hard to do when you are limited with the amount of time you get with someone, but I think I’d love to bring a psychological component and a spiritual component to help people get to the deeper level to help with those things,” said Isabella.

Helping people, and seeing not only their physical, but their emotional transformations, is what she loves the most. One example of that is a man she helped lose 100 pounds.

“He changed my life, and when I first met him, he couldn’t even sit up from a chair and he weighed 360 pounds and I did not know how it was going to be possible for us to get where we needed to go,” she said.

Izzie began working with him for years ago.

“After training him, I realized how many people, whether it’s someone like him or even an athlete, how when you can address what’s going on deeper and you can get there with them, how much more the effect has on their life,” she added.

The fitness enthusiast was nominated to be a FOX 44 Remarkable Woman by her good friend Leah Murelli, who says she is making huge contributions to the health and wellness of our community in Waco.

“With countless personal training certifications, Izzie coaches the entire person, mind and body, with kindness and a vigilant commitment to increasing our community’s understanding of healthy habits and how these choices can greatly increase the quality of life for young and old,” read Isabella from the submission written by Murelli.

“In reading that I can see the richness of our friendship, we talk a lot about those things that were listed on that page. But she completely (laughs) I had no idea that she was going to nominate me,” said Izzie.

Isabella wants to bring something new to Central Texas, a healthy balance between medicine and fitness.

“If you can reach these extremes of all of these people that are fit and all of these people that have maybe never heard or have that understanding of medicine, I almost want to bring that together in a way,” she said.

Because, the Central Texas native says, there’s no other place she’d start this new venture.

“I think that the support of that community in Waco, it’s growing but its still kind of small and so I think it has the best of both worlds in that way,” said Isabella.