WACO, Texas – It has been 80 years since the tragic attack on Pearl Harbor. Across the nation and locally, communities are honoring the hero’s of that day.

Members of the Waco community and relatives of Doris Miller gathered today at Bledsoe- Miller Park for a ceremony dedicated to honoring his life and the lives lost at Pearl Harbor.

Miller’s niece Henrietta Miller- Bledsoe is happy to see how Waco continues to tell his story.

“There is so many that still till this day don’t realize who Doris Miller is,” Bledsoe said. “So to keep the legacy alive and to know that it’s going to go beyond me is just fascinating.”

The ceremony started at 11:55 a.m. in the morning, symbolic of the time the attack occurred at 7:55 a.m. in Hawaii 80 years ago.

Those in attendance heard from Mayor Dillon Meek, witnessed the wreath laying, and joined in the Navy hymn by the Waco community choir.

In addition, Miller’s great nephew Thomas Bledsoe spoke about how his uncles legacy continues to impact generations.

“His story resonates with so many individuals and there are so many lessons we can learn as Americans from his actions,” Bledsoe said. I’m really happy to be here in celebration of what my uncle did and also in recognition of all those on Pearl Harbor.”

Precinct 2 Commissioner Patricia Miller presented an American flag that was gifted by former congressman Chet Edwards to hang on the pole of the memorial.

The same flag flew over the U.S. Capitol when former President Barrack Obama took office.

“On a day like today where we look at the attack on Pearl Harbor and what he did, I think young people especially need to hear that message that America is still a great country and that we need to give it our best,” Miller said.

Those in attendance took time to admire the newly installed bronze reliefs that depict different stages of miller’s life, along with the reflection pool of names with people from different branches of the U.S. Military around the perimeter.

Attendees Tom & Penny Chase were very moved by the ceremony.

“The ambassadors comment and his stories was very enlightening and interesting to hear,” Tom Chase said.

Today we here at FOX 44 stand in honor of the remembrance of those who lost their lives on the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.