Republican Congressman weighs in on election results battle


WACO, Texas – It’s been three weeks since Americans voted in record numbers for the nation’s next Commander-in-Chief, and Republicans and Democrats still view the legitimacy of the election results differently.

While many say the election is over, Republican Congressman-Elect Pete Sessions says he’s not calling it a done deal just yet.

Sessions, like many of his colleagues, is slow to approve of former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in this year’s general election. They say they believe irregularities within the election may deem the results illegitimate – saying they need to be looked at.

“We believe that there are indications that are irregular, that have occurred, and those questions should be vetted and looked at without regard for whether someone’s trying to stall,” Sessions said.

Sessions though he says he and other Republican Congressional candidates won outright sites faults in the process of those elections that he believes bring Biden’s win into question.

“Where there are ballots or processes that were not known and understood by the public, they need to be vetted,” said Sessions.

Sessions makes note of alleged actions he calls illegal in the voting process.

“There are certain servers that handle data and information in early voting and day of election voting that were sent over seas to other countries that were aware of the voting that took place. That is against the law,” he noted.

He says he believes his party deserves the opportunity, no matter how long it takes, to ensure this election was fair for all candidates involved.

“The American people want and need for elections to be done properly safely and with the intergrity of the American people,” he said.

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