Reunited at last: Ft. Hood soldier surprises sons at school


A Fort Hood soldier who was away on deployment in Poland and Germany for 270 days was part of a big surprise for his two boys on Thursday.

“I feel great, I feel great, like I told you, it’s been a long journey, 270 days is a long time,” said Sgt. Jonnathan Perez Olivieri, U.S. Army.

Thursday morning Perez Olivieri and his wife surprised their youngest boy Liam I. Perez Santos at Trimmier Elementary School.

“He’s so surprised, he was expecting me on Saturday,” said Perez Olivieri as his 6 year-old son hugged him.

His wife told the boys their dad was getting home on Saturday. But, they had other plans in mind.

“When they hug you like this before you go to deployment it feels really painful, because it’s the goodbye, but it’s awesome when you come back and they hug you like this like never let you go,” said Perez Olivieri.

Thursday, the U.S. Sergeant enjoyed every hug, and even the smallest things like tying his son’s shoelaces or getting to see his artwork.

“Our family is always on our mind, and when the first day we got deployed, you start thinking about them and during the deployment that’s what gives you the strength to keep going every day because deployments is an emotional rollercoaster,” said Perez Olivieri.

But, the surprise was not over.

Later that afternoon, both mom and dad and Liam surprised 11 year-old Eliel A. Perez Santos at Audie Murphy Middle School.

Again, dad was met with tears and huugs.

“I feel so happy that their reaction, that they look happy that I’m coming back and it’s awesome, it’s an awesome feeling and it makes you feel like it’s worth it everything you do, even if its 270 days it is worth it,” said Perez Olivieri.

The family now plans to enjoy their time together and celebrate all the birthdays and the anniversary dad missed while he was away.

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