A 42-year-old Riesel man has been charged with trafficking of a minor person, after McLennan County Sheriff’s Office investigators filed court papers indicating he had taken a 14 year old girl various places around McLennan County to have sex.

The arrest affidavit named Raymond Earl Rogers.

Raymond Earl Rogers

In an investigation that began in May, court papers indicate that the two had been in a relationship and that Rogers had purchased an “engagement style” ring that the victim had been given. 

Court papers allege the sexual activity began in February at various locations in the Riesel area and in Axtell.

Investigation included searching the victim’s cell phone history and recovering text messages, one of which indicated at one time the victim might have been pregnant  with the investigator saying in the arrest affidavit that it was believed the victim might have possibly had a miscarriage.

The affidavit alleged that Rogers had sexually assaulted the victim at least three times, twice in the suspect’s truck and once at his home..

Rogers was arrested on Thursday.