TEMPLE, Texas (Fox 44) — One week ago today, half the parking lot of the Robinson Family Farm was set ablaze by what officials are initially reporting as an improperly discarded cigarette. In total, the fire torched 73 cars.

The Robinson family says it’s a day they will never forget.

“I don’t know that you’ll ever fully get over October 15, but by moving forward, it doesn’t mean we have forgotten,” Co-Owner Helen Robinson said. “Shock. Horror. I don’t know. I don’t know. You know, I was really scared for, you know, everybody,” Co-Owner Brian Robinson says.

Today, the remains of the cars are either in one of the dumpsters on the lot, or sat roped off, awaiting further investigation by the bell county fire marshal–but the family farm continued business as usual.

“Has it been easy? Absolutely not,” both owners said.

One aspect that wasn’t lost in the fire was their willingness to move forward for the community that has been supportive.

“Now, when you have the community stand behind you like we’ve had, it’s wonderful. You have to push. But that’s what kept us pushing forward,” they said.

They plan on doing what they can to keeping the traditions of the season alive.

“Trying to get back to some normalcy, you know, trying to get back. You know, I can’t sit there and stew over what happened out there. All we can do is, you know, go over, go forward with an overabundance of caution, knowing, you know, what could happen and, you know, preparing to the extreme for something like that.”

Brian Robinson says as business owners, they’re used to trials and handling setbacks.

“We’re able to bounce back but there’s still people out there that we can’t forget about,” he says.

Now their focus is on the people who may not be able to bounce back as fast. The family has coordinated donations and car seats to those who lost their car in the fire.