ROBINSON, Texas (FOX 44)- First day of school is just around the corner for most central Texas students.
As we get ready school districts are working to amp up their security.

“A lot of school districts have been opting in to the service because we provide interoperability between the school districts and the first responders responding on scene during an incident,” says VP with Tango Tango, Beck Mitchell.

During an emergency situation, first responder radios can lose signal. With Tango-Tango the mobile application expands the radio signal to ensure administrators can communicate with first responders.

“We got pulled into it. A lot of our police departments or sheriff’s offices that have utilized our service over the years recognize that our service benefits, school resource officers,” says Mitchell.

The Robinson ISD school population is a lot smaller than the surrounding school districts, therefore they don’t have a school resource officer available on their campus.

“We have a police chief that’s here and, you know, we’re a small district and we’re pretty close to our police department. So we we we have just one officer throughout our district,” says Robinson ISD safety director David Wrzesinski.

Robinson ISD says this application is a backup source in case of an emergency and if a situation does occur the police department is near by.

“Also have a police force that’s within 30 seconds of any campus that we have here. So they’re all they’re actually centrally located in between the five campuses that we have,” Wrzesinski.

Robinson ISD says they plan to get the administrative staff trained to use the application before classes start this fall.