Rosebud Volunteer Firefighter helps deliver baby on the side of the road


A Falls County firefighter saved the day after helping deliver a baby on the side of the road early Thursday morning and it’s not the first time he’s gone above and beyond.

It wasn’t your average day for Jay Shults. This one was a Valentine’s Day in the books for the Rosebud Volunteer Firefighter.

He’s thankful to have helped the baby girl and her family on this special day.

“I’ve done this before. I’ve seen this before,” Shults said. “I arrived on scene and found a vehicle parked on the side of the road in front of their residence with a lady screaming- ‘I’m delivering baby. I am having a baby.'”

Just before 5 a.m. a 911 call came through the Falls County Sheriff’s Office about a woman in labor. Shults immediately got up out of bed, grabbed his gear and arrived within minutes.

“We just jumped in and did it. I didn’t really have time to think,” Shults said. “There’s three minutes and three minutes doesn’t seem like a long time when you’re in this type of situation.”

By the time he rushed over to the mother, Shults says the baby was already on the way.

“I asked her if her water broke and she said yes,” Shults said. “How far were the contractions? They were seconds apart.”

Shults was just in time to safely deliver a healthy little girl.

“I looked around, nothing was obvious signs of any injuries or any medical issues with the baby,” Shults said. “So I started drying the child off and gave the little girl to the mother and said put this on your child since it’s cold out.”

Paramedics rushed the baby and her family to Baylor Scott and White in Temple.

Parents named their baby Leia, after her father’s love for Star Wars.

“Momma was just so appreciative of me being there and said things were calm and cool,” Shults said.

For this firefighter of the year it’s the eighth time helping deliver a baby but he says this one he will never forget.

“I think this one is so special is because it is Valentine’s Day,” Shults said.

FOX 44 also spoke to the mother who says Shults has responded to family emergency calls several times before. She’s especially grateful he responded so quickly.

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