WACO, Texas (FOX 44)- The summer heat can put a toll on your body. To help beat the heat, the Salvation Army will have their community kitchen available to the public as a cooling center.

“Some refreshments in there, whether it’s cold water or it’s some sort of a snack item that they are able to help replenish their their strength and their energy a little,” says Major James Taylor, Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army.

For those who don’t want to step inside you can pick up a cold drink from the cooler that’s outside of their front doors.

“They can get water any time someone needs it. They can just come by, grab a bottle and keep hydrated,” says Taylor.

The building serves many roles. To fill the gap while another nearby organization is closed for the summer, the Salvation Army will be providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“The Salvation Army is serving lunches every day, Monday through Friday, as well as our normal days,” says Taylor.

Staying in the shelter or not, anyone can utilize the 300 Webster Avenue location showers and hygiene supplies.

“At the community kitchen for men. Sally’s house, which is just kind of diagonal across our property for women,” says Taylor.

As soon as the temperatures rise over 100 degrees, the Salvation Army will open their doors as a cooling center. This year they have opened earlier than previous years.

“This is a pretty abnormal summer in retrospect. The Salvation army could really use water,” says Taylor.

Donations can be made online at www.salvationarmywaco.org.