School bus laws ignored in Axtell raises frustration


AXTELL, Texas – Everyday Highway 31 in Axtell is packed with drivers heading to and from work. Around the same time, students are making their way to and from school.

Residents say several times a week, drivers refuse to stop for buses loading students. One student is hoping this changes.

“Just stop. I mean, it’s a school bus,” says student Brian Jones.

Jones says he will never forget what happened a year ago after a close call on his way home from school.

“I heard screeching tires, and then I see a bus come flying down the side of the bus, and it ran into our mailbox,” Jones says.

He says the driver of that transit bus didn’t stop in time, and it veered off into the right end of the bus – where students get on and off.

Jones was a step or two away from getting off the bus and stepping directly into that driver’s path. But he says luckily, his bus driver prevented this from happening.

“He grabbed my jacket and pulled me back. I took off my ear buds, and I asked what was going on. He said, ‘Wait!’ And I looked around and I saw the transit bus just veer off the the side and zoom! Passed the bus,” Jones recalls.

Today, his mother is thankful.

“He didn’t get hit. Thank God. The bus driver saved him, and he was paying attention and looking in his mirrors like he always does, and we are thankful for that,” his mom tells FOX44.

“If I walked out, I would’ve been gone. That would’ve hit me. They were going at least 50, and that would’ve hit me. And I would’ve flew and I wouldn’t have made it,” he remembers.

Almost a year later, drivers who don’t stop still puzzle him.

“I don’t see why you have to drive past it all fast and risk someone’s life so you can get to work and make money. I don’t understand that,” he says.

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