Search continues on Lake Belton for missing soldier


The search continued Wednesday for a former Ft. Hood soldier who’s canoe capsized in Lake Belton Monday night.

This, after search crews found another man’s body Tuesday afternoon.

“Our game wardens have been continuing the search since about mid-morning with some assistance from Morgan’s Point first responders. Conditions out on the lake have been fairly rough and challenging, high winds and waves have made it difficult to get the search in, but hopefully we can bring this to a resolution soon,” said Steve Lightfoot, Press Office Manager with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Family has identified the missing soldier as Scott Weinhold.

With a surface area of nearly 13 acres, search teams faced off against the cold Wednesday trying to find former U.S. Army soldier Weinhold.

“We heard that they needed help looking for one of the missing boaters so that’s why we came out here just to see if we could help,” said Casey Storm, Former Coast Guardsman.

Storm and his wife saw a post shared by Scott’s wife on Facebook, asking anyone with a boat or 4-wheel drive to please go out and help find her husband.

“My wife’s a person who’s very, very touched, you know she’s a real people person so she said ‘hey we definately need to go out there and help these people’ cause we were on our way to go hiking anyway so we’re already dressed,” said Storm.

Robert Halford, who owns HNH Pavement Markings was contacted by Scott’s family to help in the search by air. He used his drone to find any clues, but came up short Wednesday afternoon.

“They found a boat on shore across the way on the Fort Hood side so it kind of appears if the boat is pulled up on the shore the guy would be alive not drowned in the water, also if it’s night time he’s probably walking toward the lights so I would say he’s headed toward the North East along the shore, so that’s where I would be searching,” said Storm.

Still, Scott’s family is holding out hope, praying he’s found safe.

“I’d just say keep up the hope you know, and definately they are doing the right thing by reaching out by social media saying hey we could use some help, please help me find my husband, so you know, keep up the hope,” said Storm.

Texas Parks and Wildlife is discouraging any volunteers from going out to search on Lake Belton.

“We understand the concern that volunteers want to pitch in and help, it’s a very stressful situation, pulls on the heart strings, but we want to make sure that everybody stays safe. Conditions out on the lake right now are just untendable for those who aren’t trained to navigate in those types of conditions,” said Lightfoot. “What we don’t need is another victim in the water.”

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