Self-defense class to prevent sexual assault


Hewitt police want to empower women by helping them prevent a sexual assault at home or in public. 

Women of all backgrounds learned to defend themselves in a free hands – on class Saturday. 

This is the first class of this kind for the police department. 

L.T. Wimberley- Helmeck chose to spend her day learning self defense to prevent a sexual assault.

The class offered her lessons on taking down a potential attacker, while having the right mindset. 

Wimberley- Helmeck, who teaches martial arts at Hewitt’s Infinitus Martial Arts studio says, “Women of all ages and even some men need to have a level of confidence and a level of understanding of what they can do in certain situations.” 

Police Chief James Devlin reminds women to never freeze, but to take action in case of an attack. 

He says, “No matter what, you gotta fight, you cannot just give up, you gotta be a warrior.” 

Remember anybody can be a target.

The chief says, “It doesn’t matter where you live, who you are, your gender, it happens to everybody.” 

He encourages women to expand on this class and gain new self defense skills. 

“Go to a martial arts studio, get into Jiu Jitsu, get into something and learn how to defend yourself, hopefully you will never need it, but there could be a potential in your life that you will have to defend yourself.” 

Wimberley- Helmeck believes these simple, yet effective tactics empower women to be victors, not victims. 

She says, “Regardless of if you are in a wheelchair, if you are disabled, if you are old, if you are young, if you are short, it doesn’t matter that are things that you can do to protect yourself.”

The class also offered lessons on staying safe at home and in a car. 

The chief says his goal is to have a class of this kind again in a near future. 

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