Senator Ted Cruz visits Waco


Senator Ted Cruz made a stop at George’s in Waco on Tuesday, as part of his re-election campaign tour. 

The restaurant saw a full house of Cruz constituents, and the event room was flowing out with supporters for the meet-and-greet.

One of the things Cruz had to say was, “Where we are in the country is an incredible time.”

The senator went on to say he has four big priorities as he drives his campaign until the November election. Nationally, he’s excited to see the current economy and business boom – with the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics and African-Americans in a decade. He says Texas is prospering because of this, and now says it’s time to complete the jobs underway.

“As we entered 2017 with a Republican president, Republican majority in both houses, I think there were four big domestic priorities that needed to get accomplished – tax cuts, regulatory reform, Obamacare and jobs. If we could deliver on those four, it would have a long lasting and profound impact on Texas and the whole country,” Cruz says.

Cruz said with much success in the last year and a half, it’s all about turnout.

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