WACO, Texas – Texas Senator Ted Cruz came to Texas State Technical College in Waco on Wednesday for a roundtable discussion, and to tour four of the school’s top programs.

This came while he was addressing the need for technical school funding.

Sen. Cruz says he is fighting hard in the Senate to make scholarship funding available trough his Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, which he believes will create more rescources.

“$5 billion of that is devoted to K through 12 education, $5 billion of that is devoted to technical and vocational training,”Cruz said. “That would be over ten years, a total of $100 billion in new scholarships going to help Americans get the education and training they need.”

With the recent hurricane in Louisiana and the winter storm Texas saw earlier this year, Cruz says the technical programs TSTC is providing are in high demand. During his tour, he visited the Aviation, Precision Machining and Welding programs. He also learned why expansion is needed to solve one of the school’s biggest problems – which is space.

“Their funding model is, actually, they’re paid by the state based on the financial success of the projects,” Cruz said. “It’s the only university, of which I’m aware, that has a funding [for a] model like that.”

Cruz says he wants to see the student population grow by five times the amount it is now. He says job opportunities are his number one priority – and there is a demand for skilled workers, which leads to more opportunities.

“I’m hopeful it’s one of the reasons why I’m fighting so hard in the Senate for the scholarship funds that would enable technical colleges and vocational schools to dramatically expand the number of students they are able to assist,” Cruz said.

On Monday he tweeted “Um, get a job?” in reference to special unemployment benefits ending. Cruz says he stands by what he said – even though it upset many people.

“Here in Texas, we understand jobs are good. And people want to work. And we want an environment where people can work, and they have the opportunity to work and achieve their dreams,” Cruz said.