Severe weather leads to flooding in Robinson


Severe weather throughout Central Texas led to a bunch of flooding in the city of Robinson.

Robinson Independent School District junior high and high school buses were unable to leave due to flooded roadways on Wednesday.

District Assistant Superintendent Tim VanCleave sent out an all-call in the afternoon. The students were transported to the cafetorium. 

Students who rode buses 3,5,7,9,11 and 13 were released to their parents and guardians at the cafetorium. If they could not pick their children up at the location, the buses brought them home as soon as the water subsided.

Residents of Robinson were also affected by the flooding.

“I’ve lived here all my life in this neighborhood, and I’ve never seen this kind of flooding,” says homeowner Liz Walker.

Walker lives off of Old Robinson Road and Billington Drive.

“My mom lives next door, and I can say I grew up next door. And I’ve never seen this kind of rain,” Walker says.

“This is crazy. Shocking,” another homeowner says.

For a brief moment, roads were blocked as the flooding got worse.

“I just want people to be safe. Be careful,” a Robinson homeowner says.

Texas Department of Transportation Spokesperson Ken Roberts says to stay away from areas like the Robinson neighborhood – which was completely flooded. The homeowners there are pretty much trapped until the rain and the flooding subsides.

“We are going to be monitoring those situations. But if you should come up on that kind of thing, you need to use your best judgment,” Roberts says.

TxDOT says to mind the closures on city roadways and neighborhoods, as roadblocks will be in effect throughout the evening.

“Again, it’s going to be the kind of thing whereas this type of rain continues overnight, it is possible for some ditches to overflow and to cross roadways. And if there are barricades that we have set there or if maybe in a city street and the city has sat it there or the county, do not go around those barriers,” Roberts says.

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