Sexual coercion sentence delayed to allow restitution


A man who has pled guilty to charges of sexual coercion, saying he would reveal a sexually oriented video if he was not paid, has had his sentence reset to allow him to come up with the money to pay restitution to the victim.

Charles Henobe Dudzinski entered a plea to the charges in September.

A spokesperson for the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office this would allow him to come up with the necessary money.

He had demanded a total of $20,000 and had already been paid $10,000 of it when he was arrested as he handed over the laptop containing the video and was handed the additional money he had required.

The exchange had been set up in a controlled environment after law enforcement had been contacted.

The victim had gone to the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office for help this past February 12.

The court papers filed with the arrest states that the man told deputies he had sex with a woman who had recorded video of the encounter.

He told deputies the suspect had obtained the lap top containing the video and demanded $10,000 or he would show the video to the victim’s wife.

The affidavit states that after Dudzinski had received money, he demanded about $2,250 in other items which he was also given.

But then, instead of destroying the video as agreed, he came back to the victim and said he wanted another $10,000.

At that point, the victim went to the Sheriff’s Office and the exchange and arrest was set up.

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