Shootout in Waco neighborhood


Waco police say people who were targeted by a drive by shooting that turned into a running gun battle through streets of a neighborhood are not saying much as police try to investigate what happened.

Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton says it started with an apparent drive by shooting about 11:35 p.m. Sunday when multiple shots were fired at a home at 2217 Park Avenue.

Officers had gotten multiple calls about shots being fired and when they arrived they learned at a dark colored SUV occupied by at least three people had come by with the occupants firing at the home.

They also learned that at least four men at the home fired back at the vehicle.

The shootout then continued out into the immediate neighborhood and continued at least two blocks beyond.

Police reported finding several shell casings from multiple caliber weapons in the yard of the home and along surrounding streets.

Despite all the shots  being fired, it did not appear that anyone was injured.

Police also said no one was willing to talk with police during their investigation

One man was willing to talk to Fox 44 but only anonymously. 

He says, “What if I would have gotten hit or my wife got hit? I was actually sitting in my living room watching TV with my wife. I heard a couple of gunshots maybe like eight or nine.”

Although his house was not hit he is worried about his family and his neighbors. 
“They might hit an innocent bystander or a little kid that is probably asleep.” 

Sgt. Patrick Swanton with Waco police says, ” Bullets don’t have names once they come out from the end of that gun they go wherever. This put our entire neighborhood in jeopardy.” 

He says people in the neighborhood don’t want to cooperate with police. 

“Somebody is hiding something that is the reason they don’t want to talk to police because they know who it was, they know why it happened.”

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