WACO, Texas – Thousands of shoppers hit the big box retail stores Thursday night and all day Friday for the Black Friday sales, but there’s another big shopping day on Saturday.

The goal of Small Business Saturday is to remind consumers they play a key role in helping our local economy thrive and this Saturday marks the 10th anniversary of the shop small movement.

“You are supporting small business when you shop with us because this is a lot of different family owned businesses, locally owned businesses, we’ve got mom and pops that this is their family-run business so it’s all right here together so you get to support a lot of variety of people,” said Jennifer Wilson, Owner of the Spice Village.

Spice Village in Waco is a collection of shops. They have over 60 individually-owned boutiques under one roof.

“I like to find things that are a little bit unique, a little more personal and this store is great for that, you’ve got so many different little vendors and all kids of unique handmade things,” said Paige Mebane, shopper at Spice Village. “I’m all about shopping local and trying to fund families, it’s just great, it’s wonderful.”

According to American Express, about 67 cents of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the community.

“The money that is spent here, stays here. We give back to our community on a large scale with donations to different charities and schools and all of that kind of stuff, so you really are giving back to the community when you are supporting us because we in turn support them,” said Wilson.

That money could mean groceries or Christmas presents for a local family.

“You’re not looking at that you’ve got some big CEO that you are contributing to your contributing to a mom and a dad a child and they’re ability to be able to put food on their table as well as buy gifts for their family,” said Wilson.

Just like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday promises to feature many sales.

“Some of the shops are just doing 10, 20, 15, 30 percent off, just a little bit of a discount off, but it does help when you are trying to buy lots of gifts for lots of different people,” said Wilson.

To learn more about Small Business Saturday, click HERE.