The fifth annual “Silobration” held at the Magnolia Silos in downtown Waco, concluded its three-day festival Saturday.

With the added benefit of warm weather, the crowds turned out in droves to see all the silos had to offer. In addition to the store and food trucks, there was a stage for live music, a Ferris wheel and scores of vendors in tents looking to cash in on tourists.

Lucy Dalgleish, who traveled from Salt Lake City, felt the Silobration brought Waco together.

“I think it’s just fun, like the community feel around here is super fun and it’s been fun to see what they’ve like built up out of this town,” Dalgleish said.

The event was not just for visiting fans, however, as businesses came from far and wide as well. Buffalo-based Oxford Pennants had a tent full of Waco and Texas inspired felt pennants.

“It just seems like a great event to be a part of, and it’s great exposure, honestly, and to be part of JoAnna and Chip’s idea…it’s just awesome,” Oxford Pennants representative Adler Pepiernik said.

In all, Magnolia expected more than 40,000 visitors flocked to the Silos this weekend.