Snoop Dogg coming to Waco for special DJ concert


WACO, Texas – Yes, the rumors are true.

According to the Backyard Bar Stage and Grill, rapper/singer/songwriter/DJ Snoop Dogg is making a special appearance in Waco.

“We initially started working on it in 2019. Thought we were going to get somewhere with it in 2020. Obviously, the big nasty COVID happened,” owner Brian Brown said.

Brown is one of the owners of Backyard Bar Stage and Grill. He says the idea of Snoop Dogg coming was brought up again in 2021. They went after it again, working around his schedule, and nailed it.

With all the rumors surrounding the event, they wanted to make one thing clear.

“We will never stream a concert or have a fake artist here and promote it as the real artist,” Brown said. “That was one of the things that was kind of frustrating. But I get it, “‘It’s Snoop in Waco!'”

Snoop Dogg will DJ and perform some of his hottest songs, and the staff is ready.

“This was a chore, but we were finally able to nail it down. And we are super pumped about it,” Brown said.

As for the City of Waco, Brown says some people are in disbelief that Snoop is actually coming. After booking Grammy Award-winning artist Nelly to perform last month – some are not surprised.

“He’s super-hot right now. He’s the guy,” Brown said. “Corona, chips, security systems and The Voice -he’s everywhere. So everyone has been both extremely surprised and excited about it.”

Chris Cox says they didn’t even have to promote the event because word of mouth did the work.

One post on social media, and the show was sold out.

“I don’t know that we were really shocked, but we were sure it would sell out in a day. We were blown away that it sold out in an hour and 45 minutes!,” Cox said.

Russell Clay says this event is expected to be a great turn out like it was for Nelly – with a crowd ready to have a good time.

“The audience will be very excited, sing every line [and] every lyric just like they did for Nelly,” Clay said. “Nothing shocks us now with the crowd. The crowd that’s coming knows Snoop and knows what he is about, and they are super excited to come.”

The concert is July 5th – and while the tickets are sold out for this show, they say they have other A-list celebrities on the schedule for the future.

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