Spreading hugs across the country: One little girl’s message reaches Waco


WACO, Texas — Waco Police welcomed Rosalyn Baldwin and her family Friday morning as she continues her mission to hug a law enforcement officer in every state.

Rosalyn began this journey years ago after seeing the disconnect between law enforcement and communities. She wants to remind officers they are loved and supported by spreading her message and hugs throughout the country.

“Overall, to respect police officers and everything they do because they literally die for us,” Baldwin said. “Also, we need to respect the military as well, because they do similar honorable actions.”

Waco Police officer Andrew Aguilar has been in contact with the Baldwin family for almost five years – asking them to visit Waco to spread Rosalyn’s message. Now that Rosalyn is finally here, Aguilar said it feels like a dream.

“You know, I was ecstatic,” he said. “It was a little surreal. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. And then finally, to be a part of her mission was just an honor. It was truly an honor.”

Rosalyn has hugged her way across the country – and even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, has continued on her mission.

“There are vaccines now. I don’t care anymore,” she said, laughing.

Her welcome was followed by officials speaking about Rosalyn’s mission. Waco City Council member Hector Sabido declared on behalf of the mayor that June 4 will forever be known as “Hug for Love Day.”

“Recognizing Rosalyn Baldwin’s a Hug for Love Day,” Sabido said. “This day honors her journey throughout the country to give hugs to police officers in every state. She is a beacon of light.”

Rosalyn and her family will continue their journey west, as they only have 15 more states until she has hugged officers throughout the entire country.

To follow Rosalyn’s journey, you can click here.

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