TEMPLE, Texas- Seven students from Temple High School Police Explore program have advanced to the State Competition- competing against more than 250 students.

The students landed there by finishing first or second in the Regional Competition last Saturday.

As the Texas Public Safety Teachers Association (TXPSTA) State Competition approaches, the students are practicing two times a week to prepare.

Aziza Tobe is the captain of the student ran organization, and shares how this helps shape her future career.

“It helps you get more in touch with all the professions of law enforcement, and it teaches you how to do that position,” Tobe said.

Haley Hamson is a part of the CSI group and says being a part of this organization has helped her gain knowledge for competition, and a career in the industry.

“I learned as soon as I joined the organization, and it was very easy,” Hamson said. “We also have police officers who come in, so I thankfully got to work with a CSI agent and she taught my group everything we needed to know.”

Hamson says the team will work on the critiques from the recent competition to perfect those areas for state.

Camryn McGlothlin is proud of the team, including their teacher Krystal Battreall.

“She’s fantastic, she is always on top of all the stuff she makes sure we have everything we need,” McGlothlin said. “She is really involved with everyone in the organization.”

The State competition will take place January 2022. The date is still being determined.

For more information visit TXPSTA website.