Stay safe on wet roads


Friday’s heavy rain caused big puddling on roads in McLennan County. 

The Department of Public Safety reports responding to almost 20 accidents. 

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, flash floods are one of the leading causes of accidents. TxDOT says small habits behind the wheel can save your life. 

“It is very scary to be on the road in flash flooding. It doesn’t take much water to lose control,” says motorist Roger Ackman.

Ackman worries about careless and distracted drivers during heavy rains. 

“It doesn’t take many people to mess up the bunch,” Ackman says.

Ackman also believes speeding isn’t the only problem. 

“I would like to see more people to get pulled over for tailgating,” Ackman says.

Ken Roberts with TxDOT says it’s a big issue. 

“Increase the distance from the vehicle in front of you probably three times the normal following distance. Be patient. Expect the unexpected,” Roberts says.

Roberts points out it doesn’t take a lot for a vehicle to hydroplane. 

If approaching a big puddle, a creek, or a flooded area – remember to turn around and don’t drown. 

Roberts says if you lose control of your vehicle, “Ease off the gas. Ease off the brake. And just be calm until you can regain control of your vehicle.”

Ackman explains prevention is the key to safety. 

“Drive according to conditions is what I was always taught,” Ackman says.

Roberts suggests checking for road conditions on

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