WACO, Texas – FOX44 is getting a closer look at a lawsuit against Baylor University and it’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I mean, I understand why she would be asking for a refund,” said Caleb Estrada-Valentín, student at Baylor University.

In the 19-page class action complaint, Baylor student Allison King, of McAllen, says she didn’t get the Baylor experience the school promised her during her Spring 2020 semester.

“I was pretty upset about it. It was definitely not ideal, and online classes are not what you’re paying for at Baylor,” said Jordan Vanderpool, student at Baylor University.

On March 11th, the University made the announcement that Spring Break would be extended because of COVID-19 and classes would move online until April 3rd. Five days later, the school said it was extending online classes for the remainder of the semester.

“I was upset about it, but it’s like, it’s understandable because every school is going through it in the entire nation,” said Vanderpool.

In a statement, Baylor University says it stands by its decision, “In a time where businesses and other organizations shut their doors from coast to coast, Baylor stepped up on behalf of our students through many unique, creative and sacrificial ways to fulfill our mission and provide educational services.”

“Were there changes? Yes. Was it the full experience? No. Baylor did continue to try and transition some of those unique Baylor experiences into a virtual experience. Of course they weren’t carried out on the same level as if they were in person, but they did the best that they could,” said Elizabeth Edenfield, parent of Baylor student.

The lawsuit says Baylor did provide credits for unused meals and dining dollars, but students are entitled to a refund and use that money as they see fit.

“They’ve said that they are going to roll over all the dining dollars that haven’t been used so that they’ll be added to next semester’s dining dollars. I’m not sure how the prorated credit for unused meals will look like, but I think the university will try and handle that in the best way that helps all students,” said Estrada-Valentín.

You can read the full 19-page lawsuit, as well as the University’s response, right HERE.