Students learn energy efficiency


Children from Robinson Elementary School are learning all about energy and how to conserve it.

Around 350 2nd and 3rd graders made their own energy-saving pledges and put their skills to the test on Friday.

“Our hope is that they’ll go home with a passion for doing things to conserve the resources that they have available to them,” said Matt Lombardo, Account Executive with Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric — which partnered with Robinson ISD in December 2007 — is teaching kids all about energy efficiency.

“Even if they do small things today, over time it’s going to have a lasting impact on our environment,” said Peyton Loposer, Regional Client Coordinator at Schneider Electric.

The third graders built their own solar cars.

“This particular activity is more about growth mindset and grit, obviously it’s not easy, but they are engaged, they’re working as a team,  and they’re not giving up, so that’s probably the part that I’m most excited about,” Kati Dietzman, Principal at Robinson Elementary School.

With the cars built —  it was off to the races.

“The solar panel part of the car is going to be able to absorb the suns rays and then convert that energy to power the motor and turn the gears and then turn the wheels,” said Loposer.

Making Friday a very fun and educational day.

To learn more about Schneider Electric click HERE.

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