Suicide survivor wishes to help others


Many across the country are embracing suicide survivors this weekend as every year before Thanksgiving Day people remember the National Survivors of Suicide Day. 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people of ages between 10 and 34. 

Fox 44 spoke with Lexy Hollingsworth, a Copperas Cove High School student, who is also a suicide survivor. 

She tells us her goal is to raise awareness about suicide and help other people realize there is hope and there is real help. 

Hollingsworth explains she finds her strength in her faith in God, her family’s love, in medication and seeing a cognitive therapist. 

A year ago she attempted to take her own life by taking almost 30 Prozac pills. 

Hollingsworth says, “I felt dizzy like all the medication was kicking in all at once, I felt dizzy, I felt so sick to my stomach.” 

Her family rushed her into a hospital and she survived.

The teen says she has struggled with depression for years. 
She explains it was her friend’s mean comments that pushed her over the edge. 

Hollingsworth says, “It made me feel hopeless, it made me feel like I had nobody there for me, it made me feel sad and regretful.” 

Now, the teen urges others to really think about the problem they’re facing.

Hollingsworth says, “Is it gonna matter later on in life? Is it gonna be relevant later on in life? Is this going to affect your life so bad that you have to take your own life?”

She still struggles with suicidal thoughts, but is glad to be alive and feeling empowered. 

Hollingsworth says, “Every single person matters, no matter what. Think about your biggest, wildest dreams and just think about accomplishing those. Is life worth giving up?” 

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