Summer slide: Fact or Fiction?


For decades parents have fretted over the dreaded “Summer Slide.” Kids forgetting almost everything they’ve learned while enjoying their break from school. 

A University of Texas professor looked into the theory and found something interesting.

* Paul von Hippel, UT Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs assistant professor:
“Those claims are based on a single study from the 1980s,” says Paul von Hippel.  He’s an assistant professor at the Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs.  “We basically couldn’t replicate these findings.” 

Von Hippel says most modern test results don’t show that kids lose knowledge over the summer.
    He says MAPS testing, which is performed in schools in Texas and across the country, shows students could lose 2 to 3 months of what they’ve learned when they take off for summer break. 
    Von Hippel questions those results, “Like kids are basically going backwards as fast as they were going forward during the school year, which seems radical to me”

    Teachers who work closely with students — though….and they don’t think that sounds too far fetched. Watch the video to find out why.

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